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BAVAJI Real Estates is a fully integrated luxury residential property brokerage and commercial property brokerage firm with an exclusive portfolio of properties nationally and globally. In a span of a few years, BAVAJI Real Estates has emerged as the premium and the top entity in the market, as evinced by its sales volume for several major developers. As an exclusive entity, BAVAJI Real Estates provides elite brokerage services including the Sales, Rent, and Leases for Complete range of Residential and Commercial properties, Co-Working office space, investment advisory, property management and Housing Loans.

BAVAJI Real Estates is seen as a leading and reliable real estate entity with an effective management and marketing method that guarantees clients tailor-made services and a one-stop solutions facility for any property related matters.

BAVAJI Real Estates is a fully integrated service provider offering Real Estate Advisory, Transactional and Property Management solutions to both individual and institutional clients.

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